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Addiction Rehab in Decatur

decatur ga drug rehab
Are you in need of rehab services in Decatur ga? Drug, Alcohol, and
opioid rehab is the best way to get control of your life. Help is just
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How does Addiction Rehab in Decatur work?

When you decide to take the first step to recovery and make the call
to get the help that you need, you'll probably have tons of thoughts
just swirling through your mind. One such thought is most likely, what
will the rehab be like? The answer is that rehab treatment is tailored
to each specific individual and you may not need the same treatment
that someone with a different addiction is suffering from.

In general, you'll probably go through some sort of program that
combines a detox course, group therapy, individual therapy, relapse
prevention classes, and aftercare planing that can help you stay sober
through the rest of your life.

Detox, or detoxification, is your bodies natural process of riding
toxic substances from the internal system. Unfortunately, as your body
detoxes itself, it also goes thorough withdrawal depending on the
substance used. Some drugs can cause your body to become physically
dependant on the drug to operate, and as you discontinue usage, you
will need medical attention to survive the process. For this reason,
it's very important that you seek help from a rehab center in-order to
get care and treatment during the difficult detoxing period.

After being detoxed, you usually attend therapy meetings. During the
therapy, you will do exercises and have discussions on what brought
you to addiction and what is happening in your life that you may also
need help with. You can also learn and practice techniques and
mindsets that will help you stay sober and prevent relapse.

Aftercare planning is done with the staff of the rehab center after
you have gone through a detox program and some therapy. Aftercare
generally involves how you will proceed through life, including
follow-up therapy sessions, meetings, and even living arrangements to
help keep you from relapse inducing situations.

How long does rehab take in Decatur GA?

decatur drug rehab
It depends on the program offered by your center of choice, and the
amount of care that you need. In general, a 30 day program can help
treat addictions to some lighter substances, however, other addictions
may require programs ranging from 60-90 day or longer. However, it's
best to go into rehab with a patient mindset rather than getting it
done as fast as possible. Some studies do show that longer stays for
patients at rehab centers have better chances of staying clean and not
relapsing. (

Is rehab in Decatur ga costly?

It can be costly on the surface depending on the type and amount of
care that you need. However, you should consider the cost of the
addiction when thinking about the cost of treatment. Between the cost
of the drugs or alcohol, the legal fees you will most likely incur
while an addict, and the cost of hospitalization as the addiction
progresses, along with the detrimental effects addiction can have on
your employment, it may in fact be cheaper to seek help from a rehab
center. In some cases, your existing medical insurance may cover some
of the costs depending on the factors.

Seek treatment today. Call --- to get in touch with the help you need
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Beating Drug Addiction in Decatur GA

drug addiction rehab decatur georgia
Drug addiction in Decatur GA is a very serious problem and it's not only found in certain places or with certain types of people. Addiction is found everywhere and anywhere; and person can become an addict. It doesn't matter if a person is rich or poor, strong or weak or what neighborhood or country they live in, addiction exists. That is why it is so important that people are well informed on the subject of addiction because no matter who you are or where you are, if you make poor decisions involving drugs addiction is waiting just around the corner.

Some people may be misinformed on drug use and addiction, either because they have talked to the wrong people or because they have not talked to anyone about it. This is understandable; it can be awkward talking to others about drug-abuse and addiction, especially when the person is already sliding down the slippery slope of addiction. If you are one of these people this site might serve as a better option for you because it contains reliable information that you can read in privacy and not have to be embarrassed about your issues.

Being stuck in an addiction or knowing a friend or loved one with an addiction can feel like you are being sucked into a black hole with no way of escaping and death waiting just on the other side of the tunnel. Those who are currently experiencing addiction or are currently in recovery know how true that statement really is. The worst part about addiction is that once it is full blown it begins to make people delusional toward how bad their problem really is. Getting through to someone about how much damage they are causing to their body can be compared to trying to reason with a rock, they just don’t listen. In most cases, it is not until the addict reaches their lowest possible point in life, also known as rock bottom, that they will begin to see what their life has really become. Sadly, this point often times comes no sooner than death.

cheap decatur drug rehabDrug addiction comes in a couple different forms. There are mental drug addictions and there are
physical drug addictions, there can also be addictions that are mental and physical. Mental addictions are serious, but can be easier to deal with than physical addictions. This is due to the fact that a physical addiction stems from a lack of chemicals produced in the brain because of drug-abuse. Chemicals that are naturally produced by the body to regulate your mood and energy levels are produced at a slower rate when drugs are taken on a regular basis to try to compensate for the flood of dopamine and serotonin that the brains receptors are trying to take in. At first this flood of chemicals in the brain will cause euphoric feelings but as time goes on, your brain starts to produce less and less of its own chemicals. This leads to more drug use and a worse addiction. The act of using more drugs to try to reach the same level of euphoria is known as chasing the high. Eventually this leads to the brain producing hardly any chemicals and the person feels depressed without the drug, has a hard time functioning without the drug, and can become physically ill. A couple good examples of physically addictive drugs would be heroin and alcohol. Both can make a person very ill and that is why most heroin abusers and alcoholics have to go through a detox process in a clinic before going to rehab.
If you are a parent who is trying to keep your child from using drugs, or any other loved ones, the following are a few tips that will help you in your battle.

Know Their Friends:

It is important that you know all of their friends. You need to actually sit down and talk with their friends to get a real feel for the type of person they are. A lot of parents know the names of their child’s friends but do not really know anything about them. This can create a high risk situation because most kids begin using drugs through the influence of their social group. This is especially true around the junior high to high school phase of the child’s life. However, it seems that every year kids are starting to use drugs at a younger age and harder drugs than you would think a child would ever do. That is why it is so important to know all of your child’s friends, even at an early age.

Be Involved in Their Life:

People want to feel loved, so it is important to be involved in your child’s life. Do everything you can to show them that they matter. It may be difficult at times to make time for this but it is very important and should be thought of as your top priority.

Be Honest and Have Discussions:

This is probably the most important step you need to take in order to prevent or treat an addiction. If your loved ones do not feel as if they can be honest with you they will most likely stray off in undesirable directions. This can be avoided by being open with your loved ones and making them feel as if they can tell you anything.

If you are a person who is already suffering from addiction or know someone who is, the following will be very beneficial for you because they contain information on treatment for drug addictions.

Accept That You Need Addiction Help in Decatur GA

best heroin rehab decatur GA
Accepting that you need help when battling with an addiction can be extremely challenging for an individual to do. It may possible even be the hardest step that a person has to take in order to begin recovery. This process is often times made difficult due to the delusional state of mind that drug addicts have. They no longer see reality for what it is. Instead of seeing the damages that they cause to their life they only see the positives that they think the drug is giving them.

The following will provide you with information on why it is so important to accept that you need help and some tips on how to do so.

You Must Accept the Truth!

If you plan on ever getting your addiction under control, the first and arguable most important step you will have to take is to admit and accept that you need help and that you have a problem. Being dishonest with yourself will not make your problem get any better it will just make things much worse.
It is understandable why some people have such a hard time coming to terms with how out of control their addiction has become. It is hard mentally to accept such a fact and can cause a person to feel depressed or like a failure once they see how bad things have truly become.

Although difficult and sometimes painful, this step is absolutely necessary if you wish to change your ways. In fact, this is the first step in almost every addiction recovery program that there is. If you look at the twelve steps you will see step one is to admit that you are powerless over you addiction. This doesn’t mean that you can do nothing to stop your addiction, it means that you do not control your addiction, your addiction controls you and you will need help in the process of recovery.

This process can be done with a therapist or a drug sponsor. Some people may even choose to accept this reality in privacy because the truth might be extremely hard for them to except and they do not want to emotionally explode around others. No matter how you choose to do this it is important that it gets done. You will not be able to beat your addiction and save your life without admitting that you have a problem.

Some people may continue to neglect to accept the truth. These people who do not leave the denial stage will likely never recover from their addiction and will probably die from their drug use. Put a stop to your drug addiction and accept the fact that you have a problem before it's too late.

Decatur GA Drug Detox Basics

best cocaine rehab decaturAs mentioned before in this book, some addictions will require a person to go to a detox clinic before
entering a rehab program. This is due to the fact that the withdrawals from the particular type of drug they have an addiction to can make them physically ill or even kill them. A common addiction that can lead to this is alcoholism. It is important to know the facts about detox and what a person may experience while going through a detox. It is highly advised that if possible you go to a detox center and don’t try top detox on your own. It is best to be supervised by trained professionals in case and medical problems should occur.

Know What to Expect When Detoxing in Decatur GA

It is important to be honest with you about the topic of detox. It will not be an easy process. A person will likely experience many different side effects from their drug use. These side effects may be emotional, physical, or mental. A person will likely experience many uncomfortable feelings and not feel great about life during the process of detox but it is absolutely essential for recovery. After all, how will you ever begin your journey to recovery without first going over the speed bump of detox? The following are some examples of what a person may go through during detox:

Sweats, Chills, Vomiting:

A person may experience these uncomfortable side effects while detoxing, depending on what drugs they were addicted to. As stated before, heroin and alcohol addiction commonly cause these types of side effects when detoxing.

If you are going through this process at home instead of a clinic, which is not advised, you need to make sure that you hydrate yourself. Even if you know that you will not be able to keep liquids down you need to keep drinking. This is because you need to replace all the water you are losing from sweating and vomiting. Another reason it is advised to detox in a clinic is the fact that they can give you certain medications to help you feel better. A common drug prescribed to heroin abusers is methadone. You must be careful with methadone however because methadone can be addictive itself.


Detoxing from a drug can have great impact on a person’s mood. A person who is usually happy, or seems to be because they are high, will be in a completely different mood. They may become irritable and snap at people for no reason or they may become depressed and think that life is no longer worth living. It is important to show understanding and compassion to a person who is going through this. Although it may be difficult to deal with their attitude, you can take pride in the fact that you know you are helping them with their problem. If you are the person going through the detox you should try your best not to take it out on others, but mood changes are expected.


Cravings are another one of the side effects of addiction. When a person is in the process of detoxing they will likely have very strong cravings. Some drugs may produce stronger cravings than others, so depending on the addiction a person has it might be a moderate craving or might be one that completely controls their thoughts momentarily. The trick to getting through this is to distract yourself when you feel a craving coming along. Talk with a friend or do a crossword. Anything that shifts the focus of your mind away from drugs will help. Although cravings feel like they will never go away, they do, and they actually get less often over time.

There are also of course positive outcomes from detoxing. The following are some examples:

Better Health:

Even though in the early stages of detox you might feel terrible, your health will actually already be starting to improve. You will notice the color coming back into your face and the dark circles leaving your eyes fairly quickly. You will feel more energetic and feel better than ever.

Mental and Emotional State:

You will notice that you begin thinking clearer and that things in reality begin to make more sense. This is because your mind is no longer being filled with the cloud of fog that addiction was causing. As well, your emotional state will improve; you will be able to handle situations in life much better and more reasonably.

Less Stress for Loved Ones:

You loved ones will surely appreciate the fact that you have decided to get help and are now detoxing. This be sure to let sleep at night and no longer live in constant fear that they are going to lose you. Can you imagine how it must feel to have this concern for your child or other people you care for? It would be terrifying, wouldn’t it?

Better Self-Esteem:

Beginning a detox process will surely boost your self-esteem. You will feel as if you can walk tall and hold your head up high once you are no longer being ruled by a substance. Not only will you be proud of yourself, those who are close to you will surely be proud of you to. It will feel much better during you next family get together or holidays when people know you are no longer using drugs and are in recovery. Their faces will surely be filled with joy and pride instead of fear, concern, and disapproval.

Decatur GA Drug Rehab Basics

drug rehab basics in GA
Although the thought of going to rehab might be unnerving, it in most cases is absolutely necessary for recovery. In most cases, addicts cannot overcome all of the challenges from their addiction and must turn to professional help in a rehab facility. There are different types of rehabs with different levels of treatment. To learn more about rehabs and their benefits continue to read this chapter.
Rehab Basics
There are some general things you should know about rehabs if you are thinking about going to one. The following information should be beneficial for you when it comes to this decision.

Most rehabs have an unlocked room door policy but lock the doors that enter and exit the facility. There is a possibility that you may need to share a room with other patients while in certain rehabs, if this is an issue for you make sure you check their policy on this first. There are also rehabs that are lock down facilities. These are comparable to jails and most people in these facilities were court ordered to be there.

Once you enter a rehab you will meet with a drug counselor quite quickly. They will figure out what addiction issues you have and begin coming up with a plan for treatment. You will also meet with a nurse who will ask you about your medical history and perform a check up on you. During your stay at the rehab your medication will be possessed and dispensed by this nurse. This is to avoid the temptation of abusing your medication. You will have counseling and group therapy sessions that you will be required to attend on a regular basis. There may also be group sporting events that take place or outings that you will be expected to participate in. All of this is intended to provide you with the best treatment possible and to give you the most help possible.

You must be honest with your counselors at the rehab. Do not be in a rush to return home, being dishonest to your counselor to leave quicker will likely result in failure with your addiction battle. Although it may hurt to be away from home it is for the best and will provide you with a much better future, a healthier life, more money, and better relationships.

If a stay-in rehab is not an option for you, there are also rehabs that offer live at home out-patient treatment. You must be careful if taking this option though because it will not separate you from ways of obtaining drugs which can put you at risk of using. Most rehabs will have follow up programs for addicts that leave.

Decatur GA Support Groups and Follow up Programs in Atlanta GA

best ga rehabSupport groups and follow up programs can be quite useful in the battle for your life with addiction.
There are numerous support groups out there for every type of addiction including drugs, sex, food, self-harm, video games, porn and many others. Support groups and follow up programs can be located online or through local outreach programs. If you have never tried a support group it is worth a shot. You will likely be surprised by how much a support group can help you.
Information on Support Groups and Follow up Programs in Decatur and Atlanta GA
Support groups and follow up programs can be very beneficial for your battle against addiction. Support groups provide a setting for open discussion about the difficulties related to addiction and recovery. Most support groups will encourage you to have a sponsor. A sponsor is your guide while working towards recovery. You should choose a sponsor who has been drug-free for at least one year. You want them to be experienced when it comes to recovery so they can offer you proper guidance. Your sponsor will also help you work on your steps if your support group participates in a twelve step program. A couple support groups that use the 12 steps are AA and NA.

If you choose to go to a support group like AA or NA you will be provided with rewards for your accomplishment of being drug-free. Your reward is being given a chip which represents the number of days you have clean. They present you with this reward in front of the whole group. This boosts your self-esteem and also encourages others in the group to continue with their treatment. It shows people that it is possible and that you do not have to be super human in order to win the battle against addiction.

It is also very helpful to hear other people’s stories of their battle with addiction and the challenges they had to overcome. Most people have the error of thinking their life is worse than everyone else’s. Support groups provide people with an opportunity to hear stories of situations and losses that are much worse than theirs.
The fact that you are part of a group will also be a motivator for you during your battle. You can think of it as being part of a team and your teams objective is to remain drug free and beat the battle of addiction. Each person who stays clean contributes to the team’s strength while those who are falling behind receive help and encouragement from the stronger team members. Eventually everyone in the team is strong until a new person enters the team. The same process takes place over again until everyone on the team is strong once again.

Another advantage of support groups is the fact that they are cost-free. This eliminates using money as any sort of excuse to not go. You can receive help and advice that some people may consider to be more valuable than advice provided by a counselor for free from a support group, so why not give it a try, what could it hurt?

Nutrition for Recovering Drug Addicts

A large part of winning in your battle with addiction is to have a proper diet. This may be hard to believe but it is true. While a person is trying to gain control of their addiction it is essential that they have a well-balanced diet and avoid certain things like excessive sugar and caffeine. It is advised to look over the food pyramid while constructing a diet, but the following has some helpful hints as well.

Construct a Proper Diet

It is important while in recovery to have a proper diet. This will make you feel good, and when you feel good you will have less of a need to use drugs to feel good. As well, drug-abuse caused by addiction takes a serious toll on the health of a person’s body. Therefore, you should eat properly to start regaining your strength and good health.

Studies have been conducted that show that certain diets can help an addict with their recovery. These studies state that the daily diet of a recovering addict should include:

30% Fat
25% Protein
45% Carbohydrates

You may find yourself asking, what type of meals will be consistent with that daily diet? A few examples include:


Try eating some pancakes with an egg omelet and some yogurt on the side. An oatmeal muffin is also another great idea.


Sandwiches are a great source of carbohydrates because of the bread and protein because of the meat (if you put meat on your sandwich.)


For dinner you may try eating chowder or some rice and beans. Chicken and vegetables is also another good idea. Lasagna can even be a great healthy dinner.


For dessert you can have some yogurt or some custard. You might also want to try eating a piece of fruit or some oatmeal cookies.

It is important to remember that like anything else, these things are only good in moderation. For example, you may see fruit as healthy, but fruit is packed with sugar, so even too much fruit can be a bad thing. As well, just because chicken is healthy does not mean you can have an entire chicken for dinner. Remember, everything in moderation.

It is important to avoid excessive amounts of sugar and caffeine. The reason for this is the fact that they are stimulants. They can slightly mimic the effect of certain drugs which may cause triggers in some people.

If you are a smoker, another part of your diet geared towards recovery should be to quit smoking. Many people are unaware of the fact that nicotine is in fact a stimulant. So just like caffeine, it can cause triggers. Also, the smoke might remind a person of using a certain type of drug and make them have a craving.

Tips for family Members and Friends

It can be a very difficult and stressful as well as fearful situation for family members and friends of drug addicts. Sometimes you may feel as if there is nothing else to do to help and have no idea where to go next. You are not alone! Drug addiction can be just as stressful for the family as the addict, maybe even more stressful. The following chapter will give you some tips that will help you understand how to deal with your addicted family member or friend in the best way possible.

Some Helpful Hints

If you have been searching for answers on how to help your family member of friend, you should pay close attention to this chapter. One of the most important things you must do to help someone who is addicted to drugs is to show them support. They need to know that you love and care for them and that what they are doing scares you.

You need to be cautious not to enable a person to keep using at the same time. This can be quite difficult at times because we naturally want to help the people we love and care for. However, it gets to a point where you are actually harming them by helping them. That's not to say that you should stop supporting them morally, but it's the same as with things like money, rides, and bailouts. Often times addicts have to hit rock bottom before they will see what their situation is truly like. An addict must first see this before they will decide to change. You cannot make an addict change, they must want to do it themselves. So the sad truth is, sometimes you have to let them learn the hard way.

It is important not to let an addict put the blame on you and make you feel guilty. This is a common characteristic of people who are not yet ready for change. They are not ready to deal with the fact that the problem is theirs and they are the one who caused it. It is much simpler for them to make someone else feel at fault. This will most likely lead to you enabling them further if you fall for it.

It is also a good idea to do some research on what drug paraphernalia looks like as well as what people look like when they are high on something. This research can be done by easily looking up pictures on google or researching drug side effects on WebMD. It is important that you are well informed on drugs so that you may help your loved one in the battle of addiction.

Also keep in mind, there are many different types of fake cans and false bottomed bags that people are beginning to buy from head shops that allow them to easily conceal drugs. Keep your eyes peeled, nobody said this war was going to be easy.
What Can Be Lost Due To Drug Addiction
If you are struggling with addiction, or know someone who is, you aware of the fact that it slowly begins to deteriorate everything in your life. It begins with smaller unnoticeable things and before you know it, your entire world has been flipped upside down. If you are curious about what drug addiction will eventually lead to, the following chapter has the answers you are looking for.

What Will Happen?

There are numerous things that can happen from drug addiction and none of them are really positive. The negative outcomes of an addiction could be listed for days, so instead of rambling on I will give you an example of a few things that will almost certainly happen.

Loss of Relationships:

Everyone has their breaking point. This means that no matter how much someone may love someone else, they get to a certain point where they can no longer take the stress or the fear and are forced to part ways. This will likely fuel the addiction and make problems even worse. In fact, many of these situations end in suicide or other terrible outcomes.


As a drug addict, it will not be very long until you are arrested. Law enforcement agencies are getting tired of the abundance of drugs and are starting to give out much more stiff penalties, even to first time offenders. Having drug charges on your record will surely add complication to your financial situation since getting a good job would be very difficult.


Some drug use may lead to STDs. Especially drugs that are injected. The rate of people with HIV and Hepatitis C in the drug community is outrageous. Many addicts begin to not care about hygiene and safety and will begin sharing needles and having unprotected sex with people they normally wouldn’t.


An addiction will eventually lead to death. It does not matter how much a person thinks that they are in control and can stop at any time, they are delusional! Abusing drugs slowly kills addicts as well as damages the health of those who care for them due to the high stress of the situation. You must begin recovery!
Wrapping Up
The road to recovery is a difficult one but it is not impossible. With the right technique and strong support net, recovery is possible and easier than you think. You must remain positive and believe within yourself that you will accomplish it.

The power of your mind is great so if you direct it towards beating your addiction in Decatur GA, the battle will be won. Do not be hard on yourself for the things you have done during your drug-use but rather use it as a learning experience and as a reason to remain in recovery. Accidents happen and people do slip, do not give up entirely if you use again in the future. Jump back into the battle and dominate your addiction and win the fight for your life and recovery!